Covid 19 Safety

We have always kept measures in place to ensure the safety of ourselves and our guests. Since the advent of Covid -on a daily basis - we work to ensure that we meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning - over and above the high standard we have always enjoyed..
If needed we have cloth masks available - we also strive to maintain social distancing without it infringing on our hospitality .Our accommodation layout will give you more than enough distance from other guests .
There is hand sanitizer at reception and also in your unit .
Enjoy your stay !!!
Michael and Marlene

Symptom Plan

We have a plan in place around procedures to take care of any guest or staff member displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

Cleaning and disinfecting procedures

We use cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses in all areas accessible to staff and guests. This applies to all areas including guest rooms, public areas, dining areas and staff quarters.

Check-in Procedure

Our check-in procedure may include specific health and safety protocols such as completing a health questionnaire, having temperature taken and sanitising of hands.


We have adopted an in-house laundry protocol to ensure the efficient disinfecting of bedding, re-useable face masks and garments.